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Re: [OT] list of addresses posting in 02:00-03:59h at night since 2014-04

On 02/16/2017 07:28 AM, Georgi Guninski wrote:
Just an exercise in analytic numerology theory,
interpret it as you wish ;)

# list of addresses posting in 02:00-03:59h at night since 2014-04
# bugs are possible

One of the 'bugs', insomnia aside, is related to the time zone of the poster.


Ps. This justa <russia-insider.com AT freedbms.net> is Zzzzzzz... "freedbms.net" is one of it's many registered domains.

#emails  address       
312      grarpamp <grarpamp AT gmail.com>
 93      juan <juan.g71 AT gmail.com>
 64      Zenaan Harkness <zen AT freedbms.net>
 52      coderman <coderman AT gmail.com>
 48      jim bell <jdb10987 AT yahoo.com>
 46      Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka AT gmail.com>
 36      Mirimir <mirimir AT riseup.net>
 30      xorcist AT sigaint.org
 27      Cari Machet <carimachet AT gmail.com>
 25      "Cypher Piggie" <oinker9003 AT mail2tor.com>
 24      Juan <juan.g71 AT gmail.com>
 16      Steve Kinney <admin AT pilobilus.net>
 14      rysiek <rysiek AT hackerspace.pl>
 14      =?UTF-8?Q?Lodewijk_andr=C3=A9_de_la_porte?= <l AT odewijk.nl>
 11      Sean Lynch <seanl AT literati.org>
  7      odinn <odinn.cyberguerrilla AT riseup.net>
  6      John Newman <jnn AT synfin.org>
  6      wirelesswarrior AT safe-mail.net
  6      "Shawn K. Quinn" <skquinn AT rushpost.com>
  5      tpb-crypto AT laposte.net
  5      Peter Gutmann <pgut001 AT cs.auckland.ac.nz>
  4      Shelley <shelley AT misanthropia.org>
  4      Ryan Carboni <ryacko AT gmail.com>
  4      stef <s AT ctrlc.hu>
  3      Jason McVetta <jason.mcvetta AT gmail.com>
  3      Cannon <cannon AT cannon-ciota.info>
  3      "Dr. J Feinstein" <drjfeinstein AT mail.com>
  2      Troy Benjegerdes <hozer AT hozed.org>
  2      "Griffin Boyce" <datajanitor AT sigaint.org>
  2      "Odinn Cyberguerrilla" <odinn.cyberguerrilla AT riseup.net>
  2      Travis Biehn <tbiehn AT gmail.com>
  2      "Anonymous Remailer (austria)" <mixmaster AT remailer.privacy.at>
  2      Seth <list AT sysfu.com>
  2      Sampo Syreeni <decoy AT iki.fi>
  1      Luther Blissett <lblissett AT paranoici.org>
  1      Andrew <kyboren AT riseup.net>
  1      Deorge Chesterton <deorgie AT gmail.com>
  1      "nymble AT gmail.com" <nymble AT gmail.com>
  1      Markus Ottela <oottela AT cs.helsinki.fi>
  1      Anton Nesterov <komachi AT openmailbox.org>
  1      justa <russia-insider.com AT freedbms.net>
  1      "Big 'Uns" <hugetits AT sigaint.org>
  1      Me <john AT johnlgrubbs.net>
  1      Michael Best <themikebest AT gmail.com>
  1      rooty <arfspoop AT protonmail.com>
  1      "James A. Donald" <jamesd AT echeque.com>
  1      Griffin Boyce <griffin AT cryptolab.net>
  1      "Xyrs" <xemself AT sigaint.org>
  1      John <jnn AT synfin.org>
  1      "&&cheeez" <izcreem AT sigaint.org>
  1      "EitShat" <EitShat AT mail2tor.com>
  1      Jack Liddy <jackeliddy AT yahoo.com>
  1      hellekin <hellekin AT dyne.org>
  1      No <nonomos AT mail.com>
  1      Felipe Felipe <fe.peressim AT gmail.com>
  1      Peter Fairbrother <peter AT m-o-o-t.org>
  1      anthony AT cajuntechie.org
  1      BizDevCon <bizdevcon AT protonmail.ch>
  1      Razer <g2s AT riseup.net>
  1      Gutem <gutemhc AT gmail.com>
  1      Alexis Wattel <alexiswattel AT gmail.com>
  1      greenblue <greenblue357 AT posteo.de>
  1      "Cathal (phone)" <cathalgarvey AT cathalgarvey.me>
  1      Alfie John <alfiej AT fastmail.fm>
  1      "" <shakeitoff AT ghostmail.com>
  1      hozer AT hozed.org
  1      Wilfred Guerin <wilfred AT vt.edu>
  1      Rich Jones <rich AT openwatch.net>
  1      Douglas Lucas <dal AT riseup.net>
  1      "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw AT lig.net>
  1      Cubed <chasintail AT emailcontrol.org>
  1      <xxyyzz AT tuta.io>
  1      Fosforo <fosforo AT gmail.com>
  1      gwen hastings <gwen AT shannon.permutation.net>
  1      b0z0 AT sdf.org
  1      Yush Bhardwaj <yushbhardwaj91 AT gmail.com>
  1      nonomos <nonomos AT mail.com>
  1      rooty <fapspoof AT protonmail.com>
  1      badbiosvictim AT ruggedinbox.com
  1      Mark Steward <marksteward AT gmail.com>
  1      Nick Econopouly <nickeconopouly AT gmail.com>
  1      Jelena Jovanovic <jelena.jovanovic AT pp-international.net>
  1      Beaker Meeps <beaker AT dropperbox.com>
  1      "Dangerous Nic" <sharpknife AT sigaint.org>
  1      Subrosa Team <contact AT subrosa.io>
  1      tigrutigru AT gmail.com
  1      Flipchan <flipchan AT riseup.net>
  1      Steven Schear <schear.steve AT gmail.com>