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Re: modest proposal

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 3:38 PM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:

I run into Rysiek occasionally when I boot up qtox. Don't know if he's still subscribed but he said something to the effect that there's too much trash. FWIW, he didn't seem to be castigating me about it like some of the posters here who only seem to 'post to troll'.

​I love Rysiek  - and his gorgeous hair! -  and miss him. ​
​Unfortunately, he is very allergic to trolls.  Meh, I need to keep some distance!  :(

Three years ago, more or less, I was lurking here and read a very dramatic and long discussion about top-posting.  I felt very uncomfortable.​  I would be kicked if I had dared to tell in public that top-posting is adopted as usual pattern of posting in South and Latin America, Italy and in several African countries  (already received several messages from France and Japan using it as pattern too),  so I wrote in private to Rysiek to ask if a mere way of posting was so important to justify all that noise and drama.  
He was very kind and gentle, and patiently explained the reasons to
​  I always liked his messages and projects​.  He's a good person and have cute friends too!  <3

I will return to my comfortable lurking, guys and girls.  It's the best way to contribute to this list for now.  I am not a good coder  (I'm ridiculous and my notebooks are worse than me!)  and seems I am attracting more trolls.  I don't care about trolls and most of them are fake accounts managed by the same lozzzer, but they are disturbing this list and censoring legit manifestations, adopting "My way or No way" rules.  And even worse, he's annoying people that I appreciate a lot...  I don't feel secure to share some invitations and news about investigative journalism here anymore because he and similar trolls will disturb good teams and serious works.  I need to protect these people, not expose them to intellectually and morally limited losers and jerks.  :(

Well, I will pretend to be dead for some days or I will need to waste my time asking favors to Australian lawyers.  Criminals are criminals, and most of them are real losers, in special when they have a "curious" past.  Growing up in a very dysfunctional family is *not* an excuse for lack of Ethics and character, Zzz.  Tell us again the lie about your ex-wife, please.  Say again how you are "saving the world" because  - everybody knows, hahaha!! -  you are a glorious "Human Rights defender".  It will be very, very fun...  (
​ ​
​ ​
​)​* wink!


PS for Mirimir:  -  
You know I love sweet stories with strange time lapses​
​and ​crossed destinies, my dear.  Try to watch that film, it's cute and the art is very delicate.  Ah, did you watch the last trailler of Ghost In The Shell?  Thank God, it's much better or I would cry a lot for the poor anime!  :P

J, Rr and Zzz don't like you, but who does care, my dear?  I love you and my affection is more useful and interesting than their bad feelings.  And my Vday unexpected gift was a Carnival kit, yay!!!  Now I have a cat ears headband, face paints, glitter and - tcharan, tcharan! - a powerful sun block, awww!!!  
(* - *)  <3  <3 <3

Visited my doctor today and I am almost 70% healed and liberated for parties, with few restrictions:  - need to protect daily the damaged skin with a high SPF to avoid scars
​;  h
ydrate a lot
​ ​
​alcohol, cigars, drugs and ​sex with no protection  (WTF?!) ; and eat bacon once a day  (WTF!!!).  I made a very shitty face and the doctor said I need "really decent protein sources".  Trolls, trolls everywhere...  (- _ -) grumps!