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Re: Net Result of Snowden

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 6:53 PM, jim bell <jdb10987 AT yahoo.com> wrote:
> large container of water ... microwave

Being in rooms that supply, or carrying around, both of these items
is likely to be an uncommon situation, and difficult, impractical, and

So don't forget the obvious solution for the two most typical ops...

1) Don't carry a phone.

2) If you have to carry, carry one with a removable [or switch
modded] battery. Turn it off, remove the battery, data, SIM.
2a) Carry an anonymous phone whose bits are linked to nothing
2b) Encrypt and lock with passphrase
2c) Aluminum foil can be carried easily and seems effective insurance [1].
2d) Note any supercaps and nearfield charging issues,
along with audio muffling in those cases.

Last, don't forget aftercare... hammer the fucker into bits
and dispose accordingly.

[1] None of the phones I've wrapped in a single layer of standard
weight foil folded over once at the edge have been able to send or
receive calls / sms / data (cellular or wifi). Carrying enough heavy weight
foil to both wrap double and fold double is equally practical and
won't tear up as soon.
Throw a spectrum analyzer at it if you want to test for sure,
which you should if you you're an operator, because I haven't
and I'm not so don't trust me or anyone else.

And if you're up against an adversary 1 or 2 above can't handle, let us
know what your secret number 3 and grand operation was someday
before you die, become a legend ;)