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Re: Net Result of Snowden

Twas a hoot in Hong Kong when Snowden gulled the hapless reporters with
ludicrous comsec stagecraft of pillows at door sill and refridged cellphones,
while the landline phone, laptops and video remained bare-assed, not to overlook
emanations grabbers galore now standard in hotels, conferences, transit, comms,
restaurants, civil liberties lawyers and orgs. Unlikely any of the journos were
uncontaminated before, during and after, nor the alleged aids to Ed's hideout
and travel.

It continues: Ed's persistent recommendations for comsec and privacy are
as juvenile as the promotional campaign boy-in-the bubbling of him, the giant
head videos, the robotic person to crowd display devices, the obviously
ghost-written, lawyer and journo vetted statements, the prolonged dangling
and dribbling docs crudely tampered with by redactions, partial releases,
excessive hype, movies, documentaries, books, speeches, award -- all
this represents a sophiticated publicity operation characteristic of a nation
state being fronted by selected and highly-rewarded journalists and, who
else but ACLU and the running companions amply funded by the usual
conceited deep-pocketed bribers.

No surprise WikiLeaks fell under the spell of bail-out saviors, jumped
to leverage Snowden for its purposes and took the irresistable bait of
institutional wealth in The Intercept/Freedom of the Press, et al, manner:
wearing the magic cloak of government-protected journalism to cover
ass and minimize risk while braying about security and public interest,
and the era's favorite braggardy, claiming to have far more information
than can be released, now and then offering up ever larger mysterious
insurance files. Code word: holders of unreleased material know shit
the public cannot ever have access to, the asymmetric mantra of spies
and god's select since exploitive fear and ignorance was invented as

Not that that is very different from the origin of cypherpunks: it has
produced a slew of godspelling bastards like Assange, Snowden,
moi and others still here who may out themselves. Snowdens are
being invented persistently, which is probably a good thing to
give Trump and his thugs no mercy, no privacy, no security, no
peace of mind, no chance of doing what they dream of.

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>> >>I have written down so notes on the movie. Also, my cell phone
>> > fine in the microwave.
>> >
>> > You might be very near a cell-phone tower.
>> >
>       if you want your phone to not receive calls you have to TURN ON
>       the oven. This should be obvious...


I think microwaves don't make the best faraday cages. Like an old schizophrenic friend of mine was wont to do, you can always stick to aluminum foil. Or better yet buy a cheap faraday bag and put the phone in that.

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