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Re: A whole 'nother kind of Texas Patriot (Cyber-Resistance to ICE)

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:
> That's all. Just "Where are you going?".
>> "To the courthouse to file cases against you."
>> And then actually do it.
> That's a good one, but I told him to say, with a smile: "Am I free to go
> now?" and patiently wait for an answer.
> I didn't tell him the part where you're told you're 'under investigation',
> and you reply: "What's the nature and scope of your 'investigation'?", and
> patiently wait for an answer. They COULD make shit up but typically they're
> just looking for a victim, will check your ID and go away.

Well unless they have defendable reasonable suspicion to stop, that's
illegal, and people could take their video of that straight to court, get rich,
and work to end the BS. If nothing else, they get to pay a small filing
fee, go pro se, and clog the courts with something more interesting
than hippies on reefer. Such token fees easily crowdfundable
amongst their peers and youtube / fb / twitter followers.

In those links you can search around for videos of citizens pulling
over LE for speeding and stops on various other violations of law.
It's becoming a sport. These guys have seriously huge balls and
the LE turn into sheep, it's something to see. If these guys filed
complaints and pressed cases, they could win.

Cops stealing property.
Cops pulling over cops, drunk.
Cops murdering people.
Escalation and arrests based on illegal stops.
It's all there.

Some statistical analysis of complaint case win rates between
those without video and those with would be interesting.