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Introduction of address Filtering on mailarchives.bentasker.co.uk

When I originally set up a mirror of the Cyberpunks list, my intention was to mirror "as is".

That, unfortunately, needs to change because the nature of the speech happening on the list has similarly changed.

A number of posters are repeatedly posting opinions and positions that I'm very strongly opposed to, and frankly seem to be becoming all too often repeated on the net. 

They are, of course, at liberty to speak their mind, just as I'm at liberty to decide that I won't mirror their Neo-Nazi white supremacist bullshit under my domain.

As of now, future messages from the following addresses will no longer be included in the mirror.

 - "Anti Fag" - antifag AT protonmail.com
 - "James A. Donald" - jamesd AT echeque.com