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Re: modest proposal

On 02/15/2017 07:55 AM, Mirimir wrote:

Back in the day, cypherpunks was about the power of crypto-guaranteed
privacy to protect freedom and limit government power.

For me Crypto is of interest in relation to 'guaranteed privacy to protect freedom and limit government power.', but NOT my only interest, nor is crypto primary. For me, cyber-security (in general) is primary and crypto is one of the key parts of that 'puzzle'. I forget exactly how I heard about this list, but it was somewhere on the 'greater intertubz' which may have brought a number of subscribers ... but I saw an INCREDIBLE uptick in the amount of (what I consider) garbage posts, trolling, etc, after io's harassment went public and I suspect much of the trash that we're now seeing is related to an attempt to suppress, or divert the list, and make it unusable, due to the majority of people posting to the list's apparent support for io.

Bullies NEVER stop being bullies until someone puts them in intensive care you know?

About ist standards et al from a personal perspective. Early on some  people complained about my posting pullquotes with links, and I responded "Bandwidth" but relented in a practice I understood was a global listserv standard. THEN some people started complaining I was posting full text and then I simply stopped giving a fuck about anyone's complaints. If anyone doesn't care for them. Don't read them.