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Re: [WAR] Immigrant Crime Rates in Germany - the numbers

If you guys had some real hate crimes committed by non Jewish white males, you would not be reduced to making so much shit up. There has been a flood of supposed white male hate crimes against women, blacks, and Jews since the election of Trump, and every one committed in the United States has been a hoax.

But I see huge numbers of entirely real hate crimes committed by non whites and feminists.

The Jewish problem is rather like the Muslim problem. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists are Muslims, and similarly not all Jews instigate hate crimes, but if you hear anyone teaching dim witted people to commit hate crimes against whites, he is usually a sharp witted Jew.

Notice that most of the outrage about Trump turning Muslim asylum seekers away comes from people who conspicuously fail to be outraged by Israel turning Muslim asylum seekers away.

Of course they are not all hypocrites: Soros wants Israel destroyed and Israelis murdered as much as he wants America destroyed and white Americans murdered. On the whole I prefer the hypocrites.

Trumps ingenious tactic of giving the Jews recognition of Jerusalem but taking away the holocaust tends to split the Jewish hypocrites, so that some of them stop calling for the destruction of America, thus becoming consistent, and some of them start calling for the destruction of Israel, thus becoming consistent. If less hypocrisy, more Jews voting for Trump.