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Re: [WAR] Immigrant Crime Rates in Germany - the numbers

On 2/15/2017 9:15 AM, John Newman wrote:
Espousing not even thinly veiled racist diatribes, talking about the
inferiority of non whites, blacks "chimping" out, advocating for the
return of slavery and the denial of all women's rights - YOU are a
fucking nazi. Don't try to be cute with your red hat bullshit. You
know exactly what you are.

I see blacks chimping out. I don't see nazis burning synagogues. I see Muslims burning synagogues, however.


An observer who watches the video closely will note a subtle absence of furtiveness in the assailants. There is an almost perceptible insouciance in live streaming a kidnapping under your own account name while revealing your own smiling faces. These are the kind of clues law enforcement personnel are trained to detect.

There’s a reason for such blithe unconcern. The obvious one is the culprits plainly did not see themselves as doing anything wrong which would necessitate concealment of their identities. That’s probably correct, but not the most correct.

The four age irrelevant teens weren’t at all wrestling with moral dilemmas they could barely process even where choices are stark. Rather, they were responding to a perceived set of rewards and punishment–stimulus and reinforcement.

The kidnappers chose to commit and openly advertise their crime because they believed doing so would produce a net emotional reward. By their own alleged account, they wanted the video to go viral. Whether considering incarceration or not, they plainly anticipated positive acclaim from publicly injuring and debasing a white man. This is a learned behavior.

American Teens have been indoctrinated to believe that whites don’t exist as beings of moral value, but rather totems of their own squalid inadequacies. Black woes always have a white face. And so what exactly is wrong with carving a small piece of that face off for posterity?

This idea is reinforced by all respectable information channels with increasing directness. Those channels that dissent are exhaustively examined for links to a defunct German political party. Regardless, when such seeds are planted in shallow intellectual soil where very few ethical qualms grow, yesterday’s event becomes surprising only in its poor quality of camerawork.

But it’s not just that these perpetrators are dumb, it is that their dumbness is intentionally exploited. Even the dullest whites quickly digest that if they so much as subject a black to faint praise an avalanche of condemnation and legal recriminations await. That doesn’t mean whites never attack blacks, it means such actions are inhibited by extreme disincentives. In contrast, blacks learn that attacking whites typically earns acclaim on Worldstar, a winking shrug from the media, possibly a hagiographic Hollywood film, and if nothing else tenure at the University of Wisconsin.


This week in Chicagoland, four Feral-Americans — two males and two females — kidnapped and tortured, live on film uploaded to Facebook, a mentally disabled White 18 year old man, cackling gleefully as they had him drink toilet water, nearly scalped him, and made him recite “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people”. The kidnapping and torture dragged on for nearly two days. One of the HBzeroes, Brittany Herring, narrated the torture-fest. It’s as chimptastic as you’d surmise.


YouTube scrubbed the video.
NPR refused to identify the races involved.
CNN ignored it (until late today), and finally confronted the story with a bunch of shitlib talking heads fretting over ten heavily-edited seconds of a thirty minute video. The Chicago police chief jupmed ahead of the message machine and said it wasn’t a hate crime


If the Chicago kidnapping races were reversed, about seven Hollywood films would currently be in pre-production.

The reason white shitlibs excuse or sugarcoat the depraved violence of blacks is because they don’t really believe blacks have moral agency. And frankly, they’re right. ...


White shitlibs are undergoing a heretical threat to their religion like none they’ve experienced before; and you know from history that when a zealot is cornered and disillusioned, and his icons thrown to the ground, he will lash out in rage and demand the heads of the infidels.

the root cause is a generation of anti-white (and anti-Christian, etc.) propaganda put out by the Cathedral. Before a child even starts Kindergarten, they are taught these messages on TV, a soft form of inclusiveness and diversity that is later flipped to "white man the devil" if not before, then when they are in university. This propaganda is increasingly hateful as time goes by because Cthulhu swims left, but also because the population of minorities is growing and creating their own narratives.


Americans are reminded of the evils of lynching in the past, which of course always involved sweet innocent black victims. No, no they did not. Just look at the news records of two I wrote about here and posted the newspaper account. Many were of men guilty of crimes. Those were not for fun.

Now look at the Chiraq 4 and what they did. Detained a special needs white guy for being white, tortured, beat and mocked him. This is like a lynching. All of those "geez, wrong place wrong time" murders that people shake their heads at are modern day lynchings. Media would never call them that but what is it when someone simply takes a wrong turn and they get robbed, raped and murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood? Hollywood will have a white guy say, "Don't come 'round here boy" to some black teen in a spiffy outfit. Blacks will flip out when a white even puts the term 'boy' in a tweet in any way related to a black, yet this attack is not racial. Would Hollywood ever recreate the Knoxville horror? Of course not.