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Re: What IS "Fascism"?

On 2017-02-14 14:02, James A. Donald wrote:
And you get to decide that anyone who wears a red hat or a red tie or
who disagrees with you on any question, or fails to treat you with the
respect you believe you deserve, despite all objective indications
that you deserve no respect whatsoever, is denying your right to

On 2/15/2017 8:20 AM, Razer wrote:
You have a reading comprehension problem

Yellow Hat originally wore a red Trump hat. He was wearing a yellow hat at the time he was sucker punched and then beaten up because antifa took his red hat earlier.

Apart from being pro trump and pro second amendment, his views seem to be standard progressive views.

By all means continue your violent physical attacks on the Second Amendment crowd, the supporters of concealed carry.