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Re: What IS "Fascism"?

James A. Donald wrote:
You claim the right to physically attack anyone, and not be physically
attacked in turn.

On 2/15/2017 6:24 AM, Razer wrote:
I claim the right to preemptively 'redact' anyone who believes, because
of a trait I or anyone else have zero control over... Ethnicity,
religious I was born into, national origin, etc, that I have no right to
exist. Absolutely.

In fact even the real original Nazis did not openly deny anyone's right to exist. Their original plan was to deport the Jews to anywhere that would take them, in particular and especially Israel, and they created a large bureaucracy to interface with other countries bureaucracies to grease the tracks and persuade other countries to take them. But other countries aggressively obstructed this program of deportation.

When, due to socialism, they found they did not have enough food to go around they furtively and secretively decided to exterminate the Jews - a decision that bears a striking resemblance to the much larger democides committed by communists, such as yourself.

Had the Nazis won, then they would be the high status academic and official media sources that Wikipedia deems reliable, and you would read in all the history books and in Wikipedia that no Holocaust took place, and the Jews were in fact all deported except for a few trouble making terrorists who got shot. Also, no mention of any food shortage. National Socialism would supposedly be a complete economic success, much as North American GDP continues to supposedly rise even though the average male salary and median male salary buys substantially fewer cars and substantially fewer loafs of bread than it did in 1972, not to mention enormously less of the years in college required to get a decent job, even though a normal person used to be able to get a doctor to call when his child was sick and today he cannot.