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Re: What IS "Fascism"?

> I was writing code before there was any money in it, or 'gits' etc. I do other things now. Fuck off.

Take your half baked political noise back to reddit or whatever. This list is not your fucking personal Pinterest for political marketing.  It had a topic and a purpose, and it was better before you started posting. Which I remember clearly.

Regardless of what you read back then when you decided to start dumping here, Tim May is not the topic of this list, nor is it his idea to use code and cryptography as a means of breaking a community's reliance on systems where the whole's  integrity relies on the good nature of human agency.  People are irrational. Cryptography can help defend against irrational actors. But it's hard. Hard to learn math, hard to get feel compelled to give back to a society that treats you like shit  inadvertently yet by design. I used to read things that helped me do the hard stuff here. You break that resource for me, call me semen, stupid, troll, then tell me the nature of this list? This list which I watched you join? And now it's just Rayzr, spitting his "series of shock slogans and mindless token tantrums" - and I should fuck off? 

I doubt it. This is why we can't have nice things.