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Re: What IS "Fascism"?

On 02/14/2017 10:25 AM, Ted Smith wrote:
"Cypherpunks write code."

But that's not all they do....and besides (boilerplate)

The trolls infesting this list, typically suggesting it's a coders or cryptographer's list, seem to have a problem with this list's operation. Because they aren't crypto-anarchist, they're Cryptofascists who'd like to shape this list by dunning and other fascist tactics and strategies, into something more pleasing. To them. If it's any indication I see a lot of complaints about the lack of 'coders' on the list, from them, and no code being presented, by them.

I was writing code before there was any money in it, or 'gits' etc. I do other things now. Fuck off.