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Re: What IS "Fascism"?

On Feb 14, 2017, at 10:40 AM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:

From the publisher of Right-Wing Watch.

If you are skeptical at efforts to define your own sworn enemy, you cannot say you know your enemy. A partisan appealing to the ‘expertise’ and ‘authority’ of another partisan who cannot maintain - even in his own mind - the definition of fascist. It’s the very definition of logical fallacy. Appeal to authority. Your enemy is Eurasia! We’ve always been at war with Eurasia! 

“Fascism” isn’t shapeshifting - the definition is. You invoke frightening ghosts to win support with invective you fail to comprehend. Your political opponents may be using new tactics, may be deplorable, but you need to call you enemy “fascist” otherwise it is difficult to defend the kind of histrionics you ask us to accept. You need to invoke death camps to justify your outrage. Without them, you’re simply registering a complaint and this drives you crazy - you need the ULTIMATE justification. 

The link at the bottom: “Is George Bush a Fascist?” - to which the answer is no; he was an asshole, but not a fascist anymore than Obama was or is - it directly contradicts the content of your copy/paste.

This shit is as boring as it is shallow. Let’s stop name calling and the faux revolutionary shit, seriously - you are beginning to feel like those Heaven’s Gate types - living these grown up fairy tails with definite good and evil and space men coming to save us, destroy us, entertain us! 

It’s shit. Write some code, or go the fuck away.