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Re: Net Result of Snowden

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On 02/14/2017 07:33 AM, Ryan Carboni wrote:

> Snowden's timing was interesting, it overshadowed Manning's trial.
> His movie too was interesting.

Greewald's timing was exact and deliberate:  He reportedly fought with
his editors to get the publication date of the PRISM slides pushed up
to the opening day of Manning's court martial.  This knocked Manning
all the way out of the news.

> I have written down so notes on the movie. Also, my cell phone
> works fine in the microwave.
> Snowden was running around on two broken legs for weeks until it 
> shattered, not from training but from jumping from his top bunk.

Snowden's service record as reported never made sense to me, either.
Pencil neck geeks rarely volunteer for Special Forces, are never taken
when they do, and none of that happens during basic training.

> Twenty-three minutes: Talks about thinthread, but without filters, 
> drowning in data (???).

I didn't catch that one.  Hmm...

> Fifty-two minutes: need experienced journalists to lead the public 
> through a complex story

The whole business about how Journalists have some elevated, priestly
status, running through Snowden's narrative non-stop, always sticks
out as bizarre.  Journalists are a priestly caste, so let's hand a
zillion or so classified documents to an attorney who rose to
celebrity status as a political commentator?  Yeah right...

Not mentioned in the film, Mr. Greenwald's $250 million payout when he
sold rights to the documents he reportedly promised Snowden would all
be released to the public within ten days of breaking the first story.

To date, every result of the Snowden Saga has been beneficial to the
Security State.  The State has won every legal challenge resulting
from those releases, establishing its "right" to collect everything on
everyone, restrained only by its own technical capabilities.  As a
bonus, it has been established that the DCI can lie to Congress and
break into Congress members' computers with NO consequences of ANY
kind.  The great unwashed publick, already timid enough, is now on
notice that Big Brother is in fact watching them.

The Snowden Saga looked hinky to me from the beginning.  My own guess
is that he was/is an unwitting agent, a malleable malcontent spotted
early by an Insider Threat program and picked from a field of
candidates to front for a limited hangout aimed at achieving all the
goals outlined above.

Part of "fighting the Internet" and dealing with damaging leaks is to
get out in front with your own narrative and dominate the market for
leaks and leakers.  If Ed Snowden did not exist, it would have been
necessary to create him.


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