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Net Result of Snowden

Snowden's timing was interesting, it overshadowed Manning's trial. His movie too was interesting.

I have written down so notes on the movie. Also, my cell phone works fine in the microwave.

Snowden was running around on two broken legs for weeks until it shattered, not from training but from jumping from his top bunk.

By minute nine, Snowden is in interviews in large soundproof rooms with multiple sequential interviewers for the CIA.

A couple seconds before minute twelve: "Snowden  - Ed Snowden"

Thirteen minutes, one quarter: "not sitting in a ditch eating MREs... another 9/11 it'll be your fault"

Nineteen minutes, one quarter: "bought into liberal media" .... "my side is right"

Twenty-one minutes: "Journalists don't report the full picture, we respect the fourth amendment.... FISA. We obtain warrants in secret to prevent suspects from knowing they're being investigated."

Twenty-three minutes: Talks about thinthread, but without filters, drowning in data (???).

Twenty-six minutes, one quarter: You don't have to agree with your politicians to be a patriot.

Twenty-seven minutes: Put cellphones in microwave, but the camcorder cannot spy on you?

Thirty-three minutes: portrays NSA as total nerds "council of warlocks" etc ...

Fifty-two minutes: need experienced journalists to lead the public through a complex story

One hour: empowering background music about how the government is spying on everyone

One hour six minutes: A lot of people cruise through life, why can't I?

One hour seven minutes, one half: Thomas Drake tried to changes things form the inside, but when things didn't work he went to the press

It would be unfortunate if the EFF or some cypherpunk advised on this. There are certainly a lot of people in this country who would like to know about these "public wiretapping warrants" or how Thomas Drake went to the press (skipping Congress even?).

This is subliminal messaging, it isn't a single picture in a frame, it is a liar talking to you to your face. Naturally there's no public psychological study on this, so the whole of psychology can be held unreliable in this regard.

George Orwell noticed this in the two minutes hate. We still invaded many countries since 1984 became a school book.

This is the point in which I tell you that hundreds of individuals are sleeping with your spouse.