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last hours to apply for 'desperately needed' White Privilege Grant

The particularly faggy Milo has done it again - stolen the show with
politically incorrect headline inducing actions, this time the White
Privilege Grant whos time for applications is nearly over.

Even universities are concerned about the significant White demographic
drop in higher education.

Current Political Climate: Sarah Silverman gets "burn in an oven!" at
least weekly, sees Nazis EVERYwhere:
(She has some ... 'subtle' words for the smelly condescending sorts -
perhaps she should double team with Lauren "Thigh High Boots" Duka:
and Erin "Hissing Weasel" Schrode:
At least she's honest: "I ... fester with trump when he
decided not 2 mention Jews re the Holohoax"

Stable women flying our planes:
Despite laughing “Okay, if you don’t feel safe, then get off the
airplane. But otherwise, we can go.” she was ultimately removed from the
plane, but half the passangers also went straight for the door and also
left that plane.  I know divorce can be hard, but either way, turning up
to work ... as a jumbo jet pilot ... and dumping your emotional shite on
all the passangers is getting beyond the pale - that's vindictive to the
point of being vicious towards unrelated innocent humans. "But women are
more caring, it's in their nature."

Why the F-35 boondoggle will never be scrapped - it's Israel's financial
Israel Strikes $1 Billion Buy-Back Deal on F-35 Purchase