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Re: Identity Theft

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 8:02 PM, Yosem Companys <ycompanys AT gmail.com> wrote:
I am Yosem Companys. I am a Researcher at Stanford University and an Associate Director at UCSB. I run Stanford Liberationtech. I am one of the moderators of the Liberationtech list, and one of the people who posts on our @Liberationtech Twitter account. So I am a real person despite my unusual name. My last name is a Catalan last name. My first name is a variant of the Catalan Josep Maria. You may look me up on LinkedIn. Celso is also a real person. I thought folks on this list might be interested in the work Celso is doing.

​Oh, you know I love you and your name!  :)

The problem is a bit complex, my dear.  I will explain it in private.  Kisses, take care!  <3