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Re: A whole 'nother kind of Texas Patriot (Cyber-Resistance to ICE)

Want to know what's uncool. The other day an El Salvadoran friend of mine with "Green Card, working on citizenship, was stopped by the police while riding his bicycle so the cop could ask him "Where are you going?"

That's all. Just "Where are you going?".


On 02/13/2017 01:28 AM, grarpamp wrote:
While uncool, most of this is probably legal if they're
doing what they say and "cross check"ing crime / license
db's and other records against State's immigration db's,
thereby establishing what amounts to warrant-ready cause
as to any current lack of status.

Unlike the stuff below which demonstrates plainly
unconstitutional mass / random checkpointing,
unreasonable suspicion, lack of cause, willful
infringement, slope icing, harassment, lies, etc...


Either way, all this stuff is going to hit the courts
and legislature big now, so yeah, lots of change possible
during such times if you want to make it happen [1].

Bet the sanctuary states, counties, cities, employers are
feeling stupid for all those db sharing agreements they
signed with the feds who are now duly mining it all
like Nazi's through their cardfiles... oops.
They shoulda listened to the privacy adovocates.

[1] If nothing changes, democrats will ban guns
in 2025 and use their cardfiles the exact same way.
And <power> will ... in .... and use ... .