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Re: Twitter working on identifying permanently suspended users...

On 02/12/2017 05:16 PM, jim bell wrote:

From: Razer <g2s AT riseup.net>

>Accounts created specifically to harass. But they aren't saying how:
> ...and no one writing it up seems to know either

What I want to know, is:  What is their definition of the word, "harass"?
Contradict?  Disprove?  Argue against?  Make unhappy?  

Is Twitter going to adopt a consistent policy that political statements aren't allowed?  

        Jim Bell

Ask @Support or @jack. Maybe they can tell you.

I would guess it's what their policy always was. If you think their policy is 'inconsistent' that's because it depends on who gets harassment complaints against them that are verifiable. If you don't harass people (and twitter knows all ur tweetz whether or not you delete them), you don't get suspended. That the way the world works irl, and that's the way it works on twitter afaict. Not Sure what happens if you hit the report button as an 'unwanted follow'. I suspect if they get enough of those clicks they MIGHT have a look at the account to check for spamming or a bot account that exist just to follow people for marketing purposes (alot of those on Twitter) but I'm just guessing.

Ps. inciting people to bully and threaten will get you gone.... Like ROTF Richard Spencer.

PPs. I've seen sites that appear to use the mac address of you computer to effectively keep you from creating another account but that's probably circumventable using macchanger or some mac spoofing tool. Or perhap they use a well hidden flash cookie or something. They don't really say you know?