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"Fake News" - CNN denies cutting off Bernie Sanders in interview cutting him off

So CNN denies cutting off Bernie Sanders in their interview - in which
they cut him off for making a "Fake News CNN" joke - then promptly deny
cutting him off, first with "technical problems" and then with plain "we
didn't cut him off, here's the transcript proving it" claim, and publish
their own transcript ... which shows that Bernie indeed got cut off.

This IS after all, CNN!

You can't make this stuff up - it would be the lamest movie line in
history and people would say "oh yeah right, like a mainstream western
TV channel would do THAT!"

But here we are.

Non stop  Fake News CNN  doing everything they possibly can to discredit

Could this really be a continuous, as in ongoing, like permanent,
real life freudian slip by the network's staff, subconsciously trying
to appease their unfathomable guilt at eating so much ... pizza ... or

(CEO of CNN was overheard mumbling "it's not like we've got anything to
bloody lose or nuthin!")

Keep up the pressure lads, CNN's total financial destruction is near,
and this would send a "surprisingly apropos" signal to these pizza
loving Fake News kings!

2017 - where the winning just never stops: