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Re: An Examination of Zerodium's Price Chart

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 04:05:54AM -0800, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> https://www.zerodium.com/program.html
> To remotely jailbreak iOS is worth one and a half million dollars.
> To break OpenSSL, $50,000.
> To hack your antivirus program, $40,000.
> To hack Tor Browser, $30,000.
> To hack flash player, $100,000.

I am not sure you depict the situation correctly.
The colourful image with these prices writes *UP TO $X* and clearly
there is great difference between $X and "up to $X".
Appears to me marketoid trick like the spam advertisements on
non-internet media: "product/service X prevents your from Y *UP TO 100%*".