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Re: change.org "declare antifa illegal/terrorist" petition

From: James A. Donald <jamesd AT echeque.com>
On 2/10/2017 2:31 PM, Marina Brown wrote:

>> Hahaha - tell me where to get my check from Daddy Soros. I sure need it.

>Soros directly funds and directly controls the Tides foundation.

>The Tides foundation directly funds The Alliance for Global Justice

>The Alliance for Global Justice gave fifty thousand dollars “Refuse
Fascism” which staged the riot at Berkeley.

When the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests were occurring, I noticed that the whole thing looked coordinated and 'staged'.   There was media commentary that suggested that George Soros was funding it behind the scenes.  But, I also noticed that a lot of their activity was arguably criminal, although usually just at misdemeanor-levels. (I'm not suggesting that mere protests were criminal, BTW.)

 Obviously, Obama's administration was not going to prosecute these things; nor would any large city that was run by Democrats.  But my understanding is that a conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor can be a felony, depending on the State or Federal laws involved.  

Therefore, a repeat performance of OWS-behavior might draw the attention of the Federal "Justice Department".  Similarly, Berkeley-level riots might also provoke a reaction.  

           Jim Bell