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Re: Molestation of the Mind: Feminizing Males and Mainstreaming Perversion

Please, bitch, Transgenderism and Homossexuality are *NOT* illnesses.  Instead "Ephesians", you should read scientific researches with more attention and leave the comfort of your closet, dear.  ;)

You will appreciate anal sex a lot.  Believe me, the sensation is gorgeous and I don't have a prostate.  Your orgasms will be much more intense than mine baby, and after your amazing experience, like some Republican politicians, you will discover which are your *real* preferences...  Maybe in public bathrooms, saunas, dating sites, particular parties among "friends", until being caught and forced to assume your sexual preferences.  Or not.  Most of people are hypocrite and prefer to avoid the truth.  "Alternative facts" about your own sexuality, you know.  ;)

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