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Barrett Brown legal Fund Sues DOJ for Surveilling Its Donors

Who needs Cloudflare in these new golden oldie days of TrumpelOrangeSkin when the DOJay can just plain old stalk your contributors

“The subpoena claimed that the information it requested would be used at the trial of the jailed journalist. However, the identities of, and the amounts donated by, the journalist’s supporters are completely irrelevant to the charges levied against the journalist,” the group says in its filing. Indeed, no such information was presented at trial. The real purpose was to “unlawfully surveil the donors in violation of the First Amendment,” the suit says.

“Learning that these records were sought and obtained was highly unsettling,” said Kevin Gallagher, Free Barrett Brown’s former director said in a statement. “If we don’t send a message to the government that it’s not okay to target private legal defense efforts, then they will continue to get away with these sort of things.”

“The donations were acts of political _expression_, showing the donors’ frustrations with what they perceived to be government bullying and prosecutorial overreach,” the lawsuit said. “Donations made in support of litigation are protected by the First Amendment. The donors violated no law by sending money to support Mr. Brown’s legal defense, and instead were exercising their constitutionally protected rights.”

In full: https://theintercept.com/2017/02/07/barrett-brown-defense-fund-accuses-justice-department-of-illegally-surveilling-its-donors/