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Re: Jewish fear

On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 2:16 PM, Zenaan Harkness <zen AT freedbms.net> wrote:
On Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 02:37:05AM -0200, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> > > > It's time for a final, humane, solution - 110 and NEVER again!

This might be a little confronting, and a little intense to watch:

And most recently, a sect in 2014:

Again - complain to Arcangel Gabriel please - apparently he has
some grievances with you.


​Stop lying, please.  You are faking a message, it's misattribution, I never wrote it.  

I do *not* send private messages to you because I do *not* respect you, I do *not* trust you, and I do *not* care about you.  You are an evil and cruel person, a liar, a hypocrite loser who likes to hurt people.

Do you want to know why I rejected you so much?  It was not because of your uninteresting physical appearance, but because of your lack of character and intelligence, your disgusting behaviour, so desperately needy and invasive, always trying to impress the people with lies and fake data, instead at least really trying to become a better person.  You are a complete waste of space and finite resources in this world.

I don't care so much about a person's appearance, ​but you do very much, so it's a wonderful way to annoy you and make you think about your own insignificance, loser.  In all your private messages, it was obvious how much you care about physical appearance.  You were always mentioning my body, my cuteness, and sent me your pics thinking I would completely "fall in love" with you because are a vain guy, a completely futile person.  

Being sincere, you aren't a horrendous man, but are so egocentric, so selfish and nasty, so intensely disgusting and pretentious that always was impossible to see any beauty in your pics, needy messages and acts.  Without a good heart and intelligence, you are only an old and bald bag of bones, an invasive jerk, a creepy stalker with dark circles under his eyes, damaged skin and ugly beard, who thinks to be the yummiest potato chip of the whole bag.  Bah, get a life!  (And a mirror!) 

Even worst was discovering that Donald thinks Trump is handsome.  I don't know how a sane person can see any beauty in a so disgusting man.  If he thinks Trump is yummy, he needs to meet Zzz in person.  He will fall in love forever because Trump is uglier than Zzz and a bit older.  It's always bizarre when Zzz says Razer is an old man because there are some decades he is not an young man too.  It always sounds pretty ridiculous for me, aff...  :-/

I swear I don't care about the physical appearance of my boyfriends.  Beauty never was and is definitely not a requirement.  I rejected Zzz not because his unappetizing appearance, but because he is always a boring person, very invasive and needy, always having ridiculous ego trips, saying how  """important"""  (lots of huge air quotes here!)  he is and that was "saving the world".  He said this kind of pretentious foolish several times in public too, on CP list months ago.  

God, if this nasty nazist is "saving the world", I will grant Razer's requests and kill myself because I do NOT want to live in his disgusting world, full of hate, intolerance, hypocrisy, racism, ugliness and all kinds of stupid prejudices.  I always say we need to change the world, but I am asking for a *better world*, not for his prejudiced and limited version, full of wars, hate, corrupt politicians and destruction.  His personal Paradise is my infinite Hell.

Character and intelligence are much more important in a person than any kind of beauty.  My deceased fiancé was 20 years older than me and was so ugly that my dad asked me to not marry him because he wanted "cute grandchildren", and considering Vincenzo's genetics, it would be almost impossible...  And he was so thin...  God, I never liked thin men, they are definitely not comfortable to hug and snuggle, but he was so sweet, intelligent and kind, uff...  He was an amazing person until the last of his days.  If reincarnation exists, hope to meet him again and never meet Zzz in my next lives.  Already had too much of this repulsive garbage fire.

Ah, Zzz, don't feel happy about my misfortune, loser.  The thief almost broke my arm, but hey, it's OK, because I broke his nose veryyy well and he will have ugly nail scars in his face and neck until the last day of life!  The bad guy will need much more make up than me to hide his deep injuries, hihi...  ;)

I don't like to hurt people, but he hurt my face, my body, my favorite devices, a cute t-shirt and my favorite purse.  Some girls would kill him simply because of the purse damages, so I was not so bad...  :P

"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity.  It's your place in the world; it's your life.  Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."  -  Mae Jemison