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Re: Jewish fear

On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 3:03 AM, Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka AT gmail.com> wrote:

@Jim Bell, Sorry, my fault.  
I mentioned Jim Sovereign  <
jim.sovereign AT optusnet.com.au
I am busy, in a hurry, and have much more important things to do tonight than spending my time with this list.  
​Sovereign's past messages to understand my commentaries, please.  Thanks.​

​Sorry, Jim.  Forgive me for being rude in my last message, please.  It was not intentional, I swear.  I am more stressed than usual.  Some days ago, I was robbed and I am still pretty hurt.  I don't like to feel pain and my arm and shoulder are still very painful even for making simple actions, like typing or cooking for example.  The thief almost broke my arm.  My face and my legs were hurt too.  I am healing very well, but I was busy, tired, discussing a heavy subject, and not feeling comfortable at all when wrote that message, sorry.

Now racists would hate me much more.  I am officially a "person of color" because I have several colors of skin in this moment:  the usual white and new shades of purple, blue, red, and a bit of green almost becoming yellow, hahaha!!  At least I finally learned to use concealers and face foundation to hide bruises and injuries, hihi...  ;)