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Jewish fear

The other side of the coin - as in, Jews fear XYZ:

- Jews fear ethno-states.

Jews fear "ethnically homoegeneous" states because the Jew is naturally
the outsider in such a state - at ~2% of the population of the USA,
Australia, etc, if such states returned to e.g. the White Australia
policy, then Jews may consider themselves to be outcasts, certainly the
minority, and would certainly lose power over the majority.

Ironically, the Jew has a 5000 year itch, a deep desire in fact, for his
own, Jewish, ethnostate. And he will build walls and a highly "fascist"
state, using the tools of ethnic cleansing and by all other means
available to him, from micro nukes to Polish patsies (Zbig, I'm lookin'
at you!)

- Jews fear non-Jews.

Jews, being a minority in every land except "Israel", naturally fear
the power of the majorities in other states to unite in their voice to
the world, in their natural and righteous desires and intentions for
their own "states" or ("natural"/historically imposed) geographical

Jews were denied a homeland, denied their own ethnostate by Arcangel
Gabriel (him)self. Dear Jews, blame Gabriel and sort out his beef with
you, stop taking it out on the rest of us. Dear Gabriel, sort out your
beef with the Jews that the rest of us might be not predated upon
economically and militarily, by endless (((compromise))) of pizza,
money, and MKUltra murders of those who would stand.

- Jews fear freedom of speech.

With freedom of speech comes the freedom of the majority to unite in
their group intentions, and for the vocal "bold ones" to voice those
politically incorrect conservative opinions which have been suppressed
for so long.

Free speech also implies the freedom to associate that we might listen
to one another speak, and thereafter the freedom to unite in common
cause, common action, behind those causes which are in the interests of
the majority, and may be opposed to the minority - for example it is our
right to collectively unite and offer financial incentives to minorities
to emmigrate.

Angel Gabriel: I've got a bone to pick with you! By colluding with
Moses to deny the Hebrews their own ethnostate, no matter what righteous
beefs you had to pick with them, you created for ~5000 years the most
predatorial folk in this world - by necessity from their (naturally)
point of view.

It's time to change the regime on this planet.

I'm fed up! For 5000 bloody years the other tribes have been predated
upon with mathematically certain outcomes (debt-based fiat expansion vs
credit-based fiat expansion), and the result is 109 expulsions from 89
countries and counting.

The planet and nature herself suffers the Fukushimas and the Syrias.

Enough is a blood bath enough already!

It's time for a final, humane, solution - 110 and NEVER again!

Angel Gabriel: Why is it ok to push the entire world into never ending
blood lust?

We humans have the right to speak, and we do. We have a right to object,
and we do.

We have the right to self determination, to have a direct say in EVERY
law we are called upon to obey, as well as the right to ignore and/ or
not comply with those laws which are repugnant to our individual

We have a right to speak, a right to object, and a right to live and
thrive peacefully along with those others we choose to live with.

Angel Gabriel, it is time for a change on this world, a change towards