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Re: "Antifascists Have Become the Most Reasonable People in America”

On Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 01:00:36AM -0300, Juan wrote:

> 	'Course the chinese are not joos at all like you. Your joo god
> 	created them to serve you =)

Oww! Low blow!!! :D :D

I believe quoting from or discussing the Talmud publicly (or at least,
discussing it with non-joos) is a death-punishable offence - better
watch him: (((Rayzer))) joo, gonna come get you :D

(I know, I know Razer, you're only doing it for the good of mankind -
gotta kill all the fascists before they krystallnach you ... yeah, yeah,
keep playing that violin, 'cause MUH 6 MUFUGGIN GAZILLION!!!!!!!!)