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Re: "Antifascists Have Become the Most Reasonable People in America”

On 02/07/2017 07:09 PM, bbrewer quoted me responding to the Argentine fascist (small 'f') claiming to be an anarchist:

other idiot who thinks having your own domain and using your own name so the feds can track you verifies anarchist tendencies.

and replies:

Verifies one thing; I am me.

Calling people idiots that mostly agreed with you, seems a bit crass, I will say.
oop, more info, Jim Bell may refer to these forms as kites. Curious as to if he’ll answer.

Hide all you want; I’m not suggesting to kill the president; I’m suggesting there be no president. Someone has an issue with that and knocks on my door? Slightly concerned, far more with the action itself.

Grow a sack. You know, rise up.

Listen. I've been using this handle most likely longer than you've been playing on the www along with another nick that's entirely traceable to the same physical person (my fem alter-persona 'auntieimperial'). There a good reason for it and it has NOTHING to do with the fedz., or my legal status (not wanted for anything by any leo or court or ex) and it's really none of your biz why I feel the need to do so except to say 'local activism in a provincial environment', nor does the use of an alias in any way negate my opinions or facts stated. Attack or agree with my statements. Not me.

And IF you're aware that's how debate and conversations work, why did you bother bringing it up?

Passive-Aggressive trolling is STILL trolling.