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Re: "Antifascists Have Become the Most Reasonable People in America”

On 02/07/2017 06:20 PM, juan wrote:
Libertarianism is based on rights to life liberty and property

In order to maintain those rights requires cooperation, or should I say collusion, on the part of a group of people to supress other people who might 'deprive them of what they believe is rightfully theirs. Feudalism... A form of government. As an anarchist I only would support that sort of cooperation or collusion for existential self-defense. ie. to defend against Fascists who, by ideology, believe because 'A', 'B' has no right to exist.

As far as property... If someone tried to steal my computer I'd kick the living shit out of them, but I wouldn't be 'calling a posse' to help recover it if they got away with it. I'd 'deal with it' myself. And fwiw "Liberty" in the US constitutional sense of the word means 'the liberty to own property' including people.