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Re: [WAR] Fukushima conspiracy theories and facts

From: Zenaan Harkness <zen AT freedbms.net>


The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged
January 27, 2012
(Jeff Rense refused to link to this article. He thinks it is a psy-op to
absolve the nuclear industry of blame for Fukushima. Fine. But when I
posted it anyway so people could decide for themselves, he announced he
would no longer link to my site. You will no longer find my work on
Rense's site. Sad that a 10 year relationship should end in this
fashion. See, "The Hidden Jeff Rense." and "Jeff Rense Steps in It."

[some stuff deleted]

>A 9.0-magnitude earthquake is more than 100 times stronger than a 6.8. A
9.0 should have devastated everything within a 1,000-km radius. There
  should have been widespread urban carnage, even worse than what Kobe

The definition of a Magnitude 0 earthquake is one that causes a ground motion of 1 micron (1E(-6) meters) at a horizontal distance of 100 kilometers. (don't recall if this is peak-to-peak or RMS (root-mean-square).)

Each increase of one unit of magnitude amounts to an increase by a factor of 10 of ground motion amplitude.
Each increase of one unit of magnitude amounts to an increase in energy released by a factor of about 31.

So, a magnitude 9.0 should have 10**2.2, or 158x,  the ground motion of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake.
A magnitude 9.0 earthquake should have 31**2.2, or 1910, the energy released compared to a magnitude 6.8 earthquake.

         Jim Bell