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Standup Comedy it was! Audio of 9th Circuit oral arguments in re Donald Trump's attempt to revive #MuslimBan



Judge Clifton asks how many federal offenses committed by people from these countries, answers own question: "None." DOJ lawyer mentions Somali al-shabaab, that's never committed any attack on US soil anywhere.

"Are you really arguing we can't even ask if you have evidence?" DOJ lawyer cites 9/11 attacks. Judge Clifton... "That's pretty abstract!"

Shadowproof's analysis: Justice Department Attorney Blunders Through Appeals Court Hearing On Muslim Ban https://shadowproof.com/2017/02/07/justice-department-attorney-blunders-appeals-court-hearing-muslim-ban/

Ps. There WAS a "Bowling Green Massacre"! White settlers slaughtered 110 indigenous people there in 1643.