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[WAR] The Unz Review to be declared "fakenews", filtered from Facespook, Twatter and Goongle

The Unz Review
He was called a new Hitler and accused of hatred of Muslims: what else
could cause the President to arrest, even for a few months, the brave
new migration wave from seven Middle Eastern states? Today he singles
out Muslims, tomorrow he will single out Jews, said Jewish newspapers.
Migration is the lifeblood of America, and the Muslim refugees are
welcome to bring more diversity to the US.

Massive demonstrations, generously paid for by this notable Jewish
philanthropist Mr George Soros, shook the States, while judges promptly
banned the banning order. They insisted the orders are anti-Muslim, and
therefore they are anti-constitutional. Somehow the constitution, they
said, promises full equality of immigrants and does not allow to
discriminate between a Muslim and a Christian.