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Re: Dead links to blog.torproject.org and the Streisand effect

On 02/06/2017 12:10 AM, grarpamp wrote:

During TorGate a lot of people were archiving to archive.is .

See also the fine work at...

Speaking of deficiences they apparently give no fucks
about anymore...

Tor Inc is now *two* full years silent on posting their
promised yearly financials.
And around *eight months* silent ignored publishing any
corporate board level docs as requested by community.

A week ago I sent an RFI to the TAILS folks regarding their abandonment of 32 bit machines in the upcoming V3.0

Is there a list of computers that have boot issues (et al) with that upgrade? I 
am poor. I will be buying a used computer that I WILL NOT really be able to 
afford and want to be VERY sure my purchase will be compatible because there 
will be no way to get a refund or replacement.

The reply:


I am sorry about that, but there are not so many 32bit laptops anymore
and it is much safer for all users if we run in 64bit.

In the announce there is a command you can run from your current Tails
to see if you will be able to run Tails 3.0 on that machine, see:


Thanks for your understanding.
I thought my question was pretty clear but I sent a clarification:
I understand that. I'm seeking information on 64-bit machines that are known NOT to be compatible so I don't purchase a (non-returnable) used one that won't work. There's an on-site list of known "Problem computers". I'm looking for a similar list for 64 bit computers Thanks

Still waiting for a reply. I'm not holding my breath.

More verification of my hypothesis that Tails is abandoning the alleged 4% of users (no indication of how they derived that. I was never polled) they claim still use their product on 32 bit computers. IOW, POOR users ... Many in 3rd world dictatorship-run countries who REALLY NEED the protection, and are pandering to affluent Western Pedos who the the feds can practice their 'tor tracking chops' on, then bust, on the 'darknet'.