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Re: change.org "declare antifa illegal/terrorist" petition

From: Razer <g2s AT riseup.net>
On 02/05/2017 01:21 PM, jim bell wrote:
>>If your working definition (or, at least example) of a "fascist" is a person who wants to completely shut down the Internet, I doubt whether >>this collection of people exceeds more than 1% of America's population.
>What your failing to acknowledge. Intentionally AFAICT because you're an alt-right Nazi at heart playing "Libertarian, is they want to shut it down for anyone BUT that one percent.

I am not especially concerned with what people "want"...if they do nothing wrong to achieve their wants.  

>You want to be part of that one percent... don't you ?

1.  I'd like to be very rich.
2.  If I get to be very rich, I would presumably be "in that one percent".
3.  The entire application of the "1%" meme was phony from the beginning.  Generally, in any distribution, there is always a "1%".  And membership in that group varies from one year to another.

>I say we should bid you up on the AP market. Would be fitting if your own nasty bitcoin gambling freaks took you out.

I can think of worse fates.

>Oh, and about the Right wanting to slaughter protesters while the protesters debate whether punching Nazis is 'ethical' or 'advantageous'

Except that in the 1970 Kent State incident, as I recall there was no criminal activity by those protestors.  UC Berkeley, not so little.

>DETROIT — A county Republican leader in Michigan is under fire for seeming to suggest in his social media posts there should be a Kent State type of crackdown on violent protests like the one that erupted at a university in California last week.
Again, the Kent State incident WASN'T a "crackdown on violent protests".  Note that the comment above WASN'T a quote by that "county Republican leader":  It was structured as a comment by the writer of that article.  He faked it, basically.

>But in an interview Sunday with the Detroit Free Press, Dan Adamini, the secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party, said he apologizes, supports peace and was merely trying to prevent further violence and hatred.

Again, no actual quotation by him, just a (mis?)-characterization of what he said.

>The Marquette resident said that he has received death threats and been harassed by people outraged over his remarks that refer to the 1970 shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University in Ohio by the Ohio National Guard. Nine other students were wounded in what many consider a turning point in public opinion about the Vietnam War.

Still isn't quoting what the "county Republican leader" ACTUALLY said.


>Death threats are too good for this motherfucker.

>Another Nazi, John McCain, had something truly stoopid to say about Kent State a number of years ago too.