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Israel: Minister Resigns as Netanyahu Goes Full-Nazi - irony knows no limits

Reality delivering once in a century comedy gold right now.

And marches in TelAviv for open borders -now- baby snowflake!

Israel: Minister Resigns as Netanyahu Goes Full-Nazi
You know that "democrats are the real racists" meme the cucks are always
trying to spread?

Well, "Jews are the real Nazis" is even better.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffered his second cabinet
resignation in a week on Friday when a minister quit over the
appointment of a hardline nationalist in the "extremist government".

Environment minister Avi Gabbay announced his resignation in a strongly
worded statement that accused Netanyahu of putting the country on a path
to ruin.

Gabbay said that he was "unable to swallow" Netanyahu's decision to take
the defence portfolio from former general Moshe Yaalon and hand it to
Avigdor Lieberman, who has pledged harsh measures against Palestinian

Yaalon resigned from the government a week ago in protest, warning of a
rising tide of extremism in the party and the country as a whole.