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Re: change.org "declare antifa illegal/terrorist" petition

On 02/05/2017 12:07 PM, jim bell wrote:

I think Razer, who was completely unwilling to define the difference between a mere conservative, and a "fascist", is displaying the same kind of obscure inconsistency in meaning.  

             Jim Bell

Whatever jackass. While the left or so-called left debates the ethics of Nazi punching the Right is cheering the potential legalization of killing protesters who block roads. GO FUCK YOURSELF. You're just more proof to the world Libertarians are fascists.

I'll write this down ONE MORE TIME DUPLICATING THE RECORD because you're too fucking STUPID to look it up;

Fascism cannot be conservative, using "American Tradition" as a benchmark,  because conservatives understand that some things, such as the internet, did not exist at the time the US founders wrote the constitution and they MAKE ALLOWANCE FOR MODERNIZATION in the documents and laws regarding it.

Fascism and it's idea of TRADITIONALISM would eliminate the internet because it 'interferes' with those documents.

Now fuck off to 160 meters where brain dead morons like you can feel free to infest the bands and no one will listen except other brain dead morons.