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The USA set up a slave-owning aristocracy to govern, still lives as US Senate
and Presidency backed by "civilian-controlled" military, police and spies, with
brain-washed informants to rat neighbors, as seen here in spades.

Standard operating procedure to copy the oppressor, as if Argentina is not
angling for Trump's (and USA's) increased lucrative bribery to solons,
but most of all for military, police and spy largesse.

Hardly original, Trump's diplomatic and military agenda aims to buy and
threaten foreign leaders, continuing the 274-year history of the US's primary
economic, political and educational goals have been just that, from Indian
genocide and Civil Wars to WW1 and WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Middle East
endless war, Israel the instigator and testing ground for ever more lethal mass
killing technology., and nearly every president has cooked up a war to boost
the economy and maintain political power -- both parties aggressors in
pay to natsecker industry of gov-com-org-edu-faith.

Which affirms why cryptographers and comseckers have always been
handmaidens and informants for secret, unaccountable natsec. As seen
ubiquitously on ICANN, ATT, Verizon, Silicon Valley and Alley, and for
sure enablers of weak crypto promoted by flashy careerist proponents
of porous privacy.

Pretty good record of public crypto deception operation in the cpunk
archives and those duplicitous fora off-sprung from the demon seed.

At 10:41 PM 2/4/2017, you wrote:
On Sat, 04 Feb 2017 16:48:22 -0500
Anti Fag <antifag AT protonmail.com> wrote:

> >BUENOS AIRES ? Argentina is so used to celebrating immigration aas a
> >cornerstone of society that a 19th-century saying ? to govern iss to
> >populate ? remains in use to this day.

        I'd bet a couple of cents that the journos who wrote that don't
        have a clue about the origin of the quote. It is not a 'saying'.

        There are and were fake libertarians everywhere and 19th
        century argentine fake libertarians were among the best in the
        world. Or at least the most fraudulent ones.

        One of the leading fake libertarians was this lawyer called
        alberdi, who wote something titled

        "Bases y puntos de partida para la organización política de la
        República de Argentina" - something like : foundations for
        organzing the argentine republic. (the psycho-scumbag was one of
        the authors of the 1853 constitution)

        The book has lots of nuggets, but here's one of the most

        "Poblar es civilizar cuando se puebla con gente civilizada, es
        decir, con pobladores de la Europa civilizada. Por eso he
        dicho en la Constitución que el gobierno debe fomentar la
        inmigración europea. Pero poblar no es civilizar, sino
        embrutecer, cuando se puebla con chinos y con indios de Asia y
        con negros de Ã?frica. Poblar es apestar, corromper, degenerar,
        envenenar un país, cuando en vez de poblarlo con la flor de la
        población trabajadora de Europa, se le puebla con la basura de
        la Europa atrasada o menos culta."

        "to populate [a country] is to make it civilized, if the
        immigrants are civilized, that is, if they are people from
        civilized europe. That's why I said in the constitution that the
        government must promote european immigration. But populating
        doesn't entail civilizing but instead dulling and making
        brutish if the immigrants are chinese and 'indians' from asia
        and blacks from africa. Populating means to foul up, to corrupt,
        to make degenerate, to poison a country if instead of
        populating it with the best of the working european stock
        it is populated with the garbage from backwards and less
        cultivated (regions of) europe."

        Yep, I'm not making that up. And as a matter of fact, the
        argentine constitution still says

        "Articulo 25o.- El Gobierno federal fomentara la inmigracion
        europea;"  govt will promote immigration from europe