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[WAR] Trump: "There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers, Well, you think our country is so innocent?" - GTFOOH !!!

Damn! Off the firetrucking charts pepes!

Who woulda thought an American president would ever be so honest?!

And whilst sitting as president, not later in life "atoning" for
some sense of guilt or whatnot!

America, in the scheme of things, you could have done a lot worse than
choosing Donald Trump as your president. Call it real politik, call it
right wing, frankly it doesn't matter much, the fact is, there's a bit
of honesty from Trump which has been so rare for so long. In the context
of having a "democratic" government, this is a step up from the last few

Enough adjectives and waffling:

President Trump Shuts Down Anti-Putin Hysteria With One Simple Question