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Re: [OT] Anti Racist Jokes

On 01/14/2017 06:11 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 12:18 AM, Marina Brown <catskillmarina AT gmail.com
> <mailto:catskillmarina AT gmail.com>>wrote:
>     On 01/11/2017 03:08 AM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
>     > #  What’s the difference between a ghost and a racist?  One is a
>     > sheet-wearing spook who tries to scare people out of their homes, and
>     > the other one is a dead guy.
>     Sorry Ceci - this one is wrong. The answer is one bullet ;-)
> ​Hahaha!!  Thanks for the correction, my dear Marina!  ;D
> Do you know which was the funniest thing that happened with me this
> week?  I received a racist private message, asking about the color of my
> skin.  Well, usually I am 'whiter' than Zzz.  My skin is, at least, two
> or three shades clearer than his.  In Juan's country, they used to call
> me "Eddie" in a hackerspace, making a fun reference to the vampire
> Edward, who is so pale that 'sparkles under the sunlight', hahaha!!  ;D 
> Love you, muuuaaah!  Take care, sweetie!  <3
> Ceci​
 You keep this list entertaining. No one trolls idiotic nazis as well as
you do !

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