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Re: #RichardSpencerPunchingBag [Was: Re: The (Western) Empire: free speech, holocaust denial, jail in 14 countries]

On 01/23/2017 09:02 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> On 1/24/2017 10:52 AM, Razer wrote:
>>  when a union organizer in Seattle got shot by one of those
>> scumbuckets while trying to deescalate a fight.
> Here is a collection of the latest on the incident.
> http://ibankcoin.com/zeropointnow/2017/01/21/man-shot-outside-milo-event-gunman-spoke-on-camera-minutes-before-incident-video/
> tl;dr  Leftists beat up a shitload of people.  Guy who got shot had
> brass knuckles and a big knife.  Employed the brass knuckles to beat up
> lots of people.  Got shot as a result.
> Look at the video:
> A short middle aged Asian man in a yellow hat is minding his own
> business when an a big antifa races out of the crowd, attacks him and
> beats him up, one of the many, many, many attacks on real, suspected,
> alleged, or imaginary rightists that have been happening since Trump was
> elected.  He chases the short guy in the yellow hat all over the place,
> a bunch of other antifa joined in or are about to join in, then the
> short Asian guy in the yellow hat shoots the antifa, or possibly a trump
> supporter in a red hat shoots the antifa to protect the short Asian guy
> in the yellow hat.
> The guy who got shot is not a union organizer, but a union enforcer.  He
> is an antifa, one of the people in the left who maintain the ideological
> uniformity of the left by beating up and frequently murdering fellow
> leftists who deviate from the latest line.
> It is not yet clear who did the shooting, and whose side the Asian guy
> was on, but it is clear who was shot, and whose side he was on.
> Regardless of who did the shooting, the shooting was defense against a
> left wing ideological enforcer who was doing a bit of enforcement.
> The second amendment is the ultimate defense of the first.
> There have been thousands of vicious attacks on real and suspected Trump
> supporters, and very little of it is getting coverage.
Well - why don't you announce your own one person white pride march in
Berkely so you can join your leaders.

also enjou

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