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Re: immigration to a libertarian "nation" - by personal sponsorhip only?

On 02/01/2017 01:41 AM, James A. Donald wrote:
> On 2/1/2017 4:01 PM, juan wrote:
>>     "The question still remains, how comes such a thing as "a
>>     nation" to exist? How do millions of men, scattered over an
>>     extensive territory --- each gifted by nature with
>>     individual freedom; required by the law of nature to call no
>>     man, or body of men, his masters; authorized by that law to
>>     seek his own happiness in his own way, to do what he will
>>     with himself and his property, so long as he does not
>>     trespass upon the equal liberty of others; authorized also,
>>     by that law, to defend his own rights, and redress his own
>>     wrongs; and to go to the assistance and defence of any of
>>     his fellow men who may be suffering any kind of injustice
>>     --- how do millions of such men come to be a nation,
> Usually through tribalism, ethnic identity, ideology, or shared
> religion.  Religion is how Mohammed did it.
> And what happens if men do not come to be a nation, or just cease to
> be nation, perhaps because of loss of tribal or religious identity?
> Bloody shovel has an interesting tale on this topic:
> https://bloodyshovel.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/trade-and-peace/
>     “You know, this tribe I got the milk from. They have no
>     leader, no man above all of them. They would be very easy to
>     conquer, we could grab their stuff and have an easy life”.
>     Big brother approved of the suggestion, and just on getting
>     back home, he recruited a bunch of able bodied men, put
>     Bodonchar on command of them, and rode forward to conquer the
>     tribe of the Uriankhai. They stole their livestock and their
>     women, killed the men and enslaved the children to work for
>     them. Bodonchar was a great hero, he had tens of sons born
>     from the concubines he captured, who went on to found the
>     various tribes of the Mongol people, among them the great
>     Gengis Khan, who looked up on his ancestor Bodonchar, the
>     great hero who destroyed the tribe that had been giving him
>     milk when he was needy.
> Rotherham shows us what happens when outsiders have more social
> cohesion that you do, more asabiyyah than you do  Enemies take your
> women, your land, and your stuff.  Whites got ethnically cleansed out
> of Detroit and the inner city.  White Swedish chicks get pregnant by
> brown or black Muslims and white male taxpayers who cannot get laid
> pay for other men's children.
> A people with high asabiyyah, like the pagan Icelanders, can get by
> without a central government, provided that they are proud, brave, and
> valiant warriors, but when Christianity arrived, things fell apart.
> Something like anarcho capitalism worked for the pagan Icelanders,
> because they had a state religion without a state, because their
> religion gave them strong social cohesion.  When universalist
> Christianity arrived, anarchy stopped working.

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