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Australian govt idiocy - refuses Aussie and Russian scientists to stop at "Australian" sub-antarctic island

If anyone needed another reason to oppose "democratic" government ..

Too often it's embarrassing being an Australian. Bloody idiots in our

Welp, least we protectin' the bird poop and rocks from them Russkies,
oh and our own Aussie scientists on board.

As if Turnbull wasn't bad enough with his endless "subtlety" on the
world stage. Obviously we must have invented foot in mouth syndrome.
I'm unfortunately not unfamiliar with that one myself ... terminally
Aussie condition it seems.

Scientists not allowed to land on sub-Antarctic island
"It was planned to make a landing the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island,
but, unfortunately, the Australian side did not issue the required
permits, although scientists from this state actively participate in
this expedition," said Alexander Makarov, the deputy head of
Roshydromet’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.