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Re: How to act in self defense - concealed carry saves the day

From: James A. Donald <jamesd AT echeque.com>

On 2/3/2017 2:14 AM, Razer wrote:

>> Right. Nazis have no right to be espousing the extermination of people
>> because of ethnic or other fate-of-birth traits alone.

>But none of the people you are calling nazis and beating up have
espoused the extermination of ethnic groups.

>Rather you equate disagreeing with the left on any of enormous number of
points with nazism.  There is hardly anyone on the Republican side of
politics, and not many on the Democrat side, that are progressive enough
to be not be nazis.

Excellent point:  
On 2/01/2017, at 11:20, I asked, and then answered my own question, since Razer didn't provide any answer:
I asked:
>>So, is there any reliable way to distinguish a mere "conservative" from a "fascist"?

[no response by Razer, so I said,]

I wish you'd have been able to answer this question.

To Razer and his ilk, a  "Nazi", or "fascist",  is simply a person more-rightward than [fill in the blank], where that "fill in the blank" is probably a leftist.

           Jim Bell