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Re: Statement from a Berkely Antifa FashBash participant

On 02/02/2017 03:26 PM, Joshua Case wrote:
Jim thinks I'm taking away Milo's liberty unfairly because I
think it reasonable to deny him use of the communistically shared
space he finds so precious.

War is easy to start, hard to stop. To avoid war, you have to communicate with your adversaries all the time.

Your refuse to listen, refuse to understand, refuse to comprehend. This results in demented demonization and maniacal hatred.

We conclude that you are evil, crazy and dangerous. You think we are planning to kill you, so you plan to kill us, so indeed we do plan to kill you, confirming your paranoid suspicions and maniacal hatred. A vicious spiral that will pretty soon result in both side's plans being put into force.

We said this was the flight 93 election, meaning that if we lost it, you would destroy us, and if we won it, we might still be destroyed. Your behavior in the leadup to the election, and after the election, confirms that this was indeed the flight 93 election.

This implies that having gained power democratically, we should never let it go democratically, because if we yield, you will destroy us. So you quite correctly see plans to use power in ways that make sure we remain in power come what may, so seeing these plans, you indeed plan to destroy us.

All this could have been avoided by talking and listening, but we are now on the road to civil war.