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Re: Literature

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 4:08 AM, swalow swalow <sswalow AT gmail.com> wrote:

​Hi, Hi!  Hello, Hello!  :D
I've been lurking around this maillist for a long time but I haven't really contributed with anything. I really like the discussions, arguments, recommendations of the group. Very thought provoking. I'm looking forward to participating a lot more in the conversations :)

Nice to meet you.  ​It will be a pleasure.  There are lots of interesting people here, but most of them are in silence.  Some lurking, some with no much time for writing, some disappointed about the list' subjects...  and so go on...  :)

In general, most of the usual subscribers are warmer and much more friendly and reasonable than it seems here.  Don't feel scared, or annoyed, please.
If not the same, the manga Ouroboros is very similar to what Cecilia described. 

Another manga recommendation is the the historical work of Sentarō Kubota - Bokko ( translated as "Mohist attack" ) which narrates the story of a monk from the clan that preaches Mohism.  

​Thanks for your suggestions, my dear.  I am a bit ​tired now  - 04:30, a.m. here -  and I will search more informations about them later, sorry.  :P

Take care and, please, try to be happy here.  Lurking or talking, loving or hating, always try to feel comfortable in all the places, virtual or not.  <3


PS:  -  Even the most stupid references of this list can make you smile, so avoid too much stress and negativity.  Yesterday, a dear friend "attacked" my face with brushes and a lot of golden bronzer and pinky-peachy blush, because "I was pale like a ghost, needing some help to seem healthier and more beautiful".  I laughed a lot because was impossible to avoid thinking "Oh, those nazists trolls were right!  I am being attacked for being a white person  (in the Brazilian Summer) !", hahahaha!!  ;D