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Re: Literature

On Fri, 3 Feb 2017 02:36:52 -0200
Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka AT gmail.com> wrote:

> Two little boys completely lost, poor, with no family, really
> disappointed with all the corruption, with all the injustices, decide
> to sacrifice their personal lives to change the world.  They make a
> deal, one of them would be a politician to have strenght enough to
> directly affect the laws and the government, and the other would
> always be on the backstage, giving support to their childhood dreams,
> but also would rule in another aspect of the corrupt society.  He
> becomes a criminal, a great and cruel gangster.  The beggining of
> this sad and bitter story shows their dawn and how corruption exists
> in all the places.  They grown up together like two brothers, and try
> to save the world of the corruption because both knowed what was
> living on the streets, starving, suffering in a place with no
> compassion or Justice even for the children...  but you can see the
> corruption slowly destroying their dreams...  Slowly destroying
> both...  :(

	Sounds pretty interesting. I didn't understand if it's a
	text-only book or a manga though? Knowing the title would be nice too =P