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Re: Literature

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 1:31 AM, Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn AT rushpost.com> wrote:

It's not a "read" per se, but the lessons taught from it are no less
powerful: the anime series Nobunaga the Fool. There was a manga made
from it as well, if you really prefer paper (though it might differ from
the anime series).

​There's some time, I'm trying to remember the name of a pretty disturbing manga  (Japanese comics)  series to recommend it to Ju@n.
​ He always ​gave me great suggestions of reading, and I bet he will like this one, even being a heavy political drama.  

I read only the beggining of this novel when visited my parents and I always forget to ask its name.  I stopped my reading because I know the end will be very tragic.  Dreamers and their dreams are usually destroyed in the end.  

Two little boys completely lost, poor, with no family, really disappointed with all the corruption, with all the injustices, decide to sacrifice their personal lives to change the world.  They make a deal, one of them would be a politician to have strenght enough to directly affect the laws and the government, and the other would always be on the backstage, giving support to their childhood dreams, but also would rule in another aspect of the corrupt society.  He becomes a criminal, a great and cruel gangster.  The beggining of this sad and bitter story shows their dawn and how corruption exists in all the places.  They grown up together like two brothers, and try to save the world of the corruption because both knowed what was living on the streets, starving, suffering in a place with no compassion or Justice even for the children...  but you can see the corruption slowly destroying their dreams...  Slowly destroying both...  :(