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Re: Statement from a Berkely Antifa FashBash participant

On Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 01:30:24PM -0800, Razer wrote:
> Image gleaned from twitter

Could be a little more concise, but a reasonably eloquent response

The Night Berkeley Betrayed The Free Speech Movement
By responding to MILO’s call for “no restrictions on the content of
speech” as Savio did so many years ago with riots and violence, the
Berkeley socialists of 2017 have betrayed the efforts of those that came
before them.

Tonight, Fox 10 Phoenix anchor John Hook, during a live broadcast of the
Berkeley riots, argued that “MILO made his point without saying a word.”

Now more than ever, we need to listen to Savio’s impassioned plea for a
return to a university that values a diversity of perspectives, keeping
in mind that, tonight, the students who follow in the tradition of
socialistic activism at UC Berkeley burned the ground on which he once
spoke in the demand that the university censor speech that they found

Tonight, Berkeley betrayed the free speech movement for which the
institution is famous. The university has much work to do if it is to
protect the legacy of Mario Savio and reclaim the values espoused by the
Free Speech Movement of some 50 years ago.

For the rioters, engaging with MILO’s call for open discussion and
intellectual freedom on college campuses wouldn’t be a bad start.

Razer of course prefers Krystallnach for those random 'conservative' or
'intrigued' humans who want to listen to others speak and his desire is
raising its ugly reality head:
In the video that surfaced online, MILO show attendees can be seen being
beaten with flag poles and fists by Antifa protesters who shouted “f*ck
you racists.”

Others were reportedly attacked with pepper spray.

    Young girl doing nothing, has head smashed with a pole then she's
    tear gassed by #antifa hello @ucdp_cal @UCBerkeley #UCBerkeley
    #MiloAtCal pic.twitter.com/VSFW5A6fDO

Several people have been severely injured after Breitbart Senior Editor
MILO and his team were forced to evacuate the premises.

Milo debriefs with Tucker Carlson:
He added that he’s learned over the course of the Dangerous Faggot Tour
that there isn’t much that can be said on a college campus without
upsetting students
Tucker Carlson pointed out that the left would likely blame MILO for the
violence carried out against him.

The next level of pre-crime, Razer soon to endorse in the USA - since
violence is his acceptable course for pre-emptive thought crime
deterrence and castration, sexual violence is a small step to take to
"send a louder message":

Muslim Mob Rapes 15 Christian Women in ‘Revenge Attack’ for Conversions

Movie out soon: Razer's World